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[nl] Deze pagina is ook beschikbaar in het Nederlands.
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Hi! You're at the Scouting Chatroom of Scouting Bekkerveld. Here everyone can chat with Scouts, about anything that's (losely) connected with Scouting...

Sorry, your browser is not Java-enabled. You will not be able to chat.

To enter, you fill in a name in the first field. This will be your nickname. Choose a name no one else has or place a number behind it. (e.g.: tom3us) You can leave the other fields blank. Click on OK Connect! and you can chat with everybody inside.

The Bekkerveld Scouthome is not very frequently visited, so chances are slim that five guest would start a chat at the same time. To meet other guests, you'ld better schedule a chat. The Scouting Notice Board might be useful here.

Have Fun!

-Please mind your language. Misconduct can be reported to the System Operator.-

For registered Scouts there's more International ScoutingChat at the Scouting Board

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