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Summercamp in Czech

Hi, for our scouting summercamp in 2001, we went to the Czech Republic.
We enjoyed there two absolutely different scouting weeks. The first week we joined a Czech group of Waterscouts from the city of Trebic.

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This is our campsite. Isn't it wonderfull.

The second week we went to a scouting-campsite: The Mill near Brno. And of course we visited the capitol Prague.

the mill the city of prague

You might wanna know which places we visited so here are some maps of the Czech Republic...
You can simply click through from one map to the next. Or you can use the direct links below. If you need a different view you can select the atlas-links as all these maps were taken from the atlas.cz-server.

Trebic   INFO Brno   INFO Prague   INFO
District of Trebic City of Brno [atlas] City of Prague [atlas]
Kozlany [atlas] Ochoz u Brna Streetmap Praha 4 Kamyk [atlas]
The Mill [atlas] Aerial photo [atlas]

This is the exact plan for our summercamp:
  • sa 4 aug - departure from Aachen, travel to Prague
  • su 5 aug - travel to Studenec, walk to campsite Lavicky
    Here we have a joined camp for one week with the waterscouts from Trebic. We camp in medieval tents at the wonderful lake of the Dalesice dam.
  • sa 11 aug - travel to Brno, to scoutscenter The Mill
    We stay here for a couple of days and enjoy the natural beauty of the Moravian Karst, go hiking and caving.
  • tu 14 aug - travel to Prague, to the scoutshome of 75th troop
    Of course we check out the cultural and historical sites of the capitol, and we also want to do some shopping and get a taste of the nightlife.
  • sa 18 aug - leave Prague before dawn and return to Aachen
So the camp lasted for two weeks: from saturday 4th till 18th of august 2001.
We travelled by train. That's pretty cheap thanks to the Schönes Wochenende Ticket. It also explains why we didn't want to bring a lot of luggage. So we left our tents at home.
Good links
the route to go

We had a wonderful time in the Czech Republic. And we will definitely return there for another summercamp. That's it for now...
If you have questions, just mail us.

Bye from the explorers of Scouting Bekkerveld!

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